Recent updates to Mr. X case

Me and Mr. X recently continued to be in touch on daily basis. He will be moving soon (fortunately only across the city) so his condition will keep improving. He also achieved huge success in work, so even his financial status will rapidly improve soon. I cannot be happier for him 😊 although he is recently wery bussy, so our 1st real date keeps delaying. But still I love him.


Mr. X #2

I recently continued and further developed chat with Mr. X. I have found out he has unique unpredictable personality, but still is very decent, reliable & caring person.

Once I got that feeling screaming on me “we click enought to switch to real date” but I still kept it slow. I knew that if it would be too slow, then I might lose this diamond. So i took it easy and gently asked him about his plans for next feew days. He reacted well. He said that he will be working, but instead of that he is free. So I kept progressing until we had scheduled our 1st real date. The date had took place on 14th February (Valentine’s day).

Unfortunately he had to stay in work overtime, so we had to cancel that.

Later that day we were chatting again. I understood that he is sorry, but he is now in situation when looking for some meaningful relationship is not an option. He moved to the city just recently and he can’t predict, if he will be able to stay. It teared my soul so much I almost begun to cry.

Well… you might think I believe in love on first sight, but I don’t, and never did.

Mr. X #1

It’s been quite strange day… We had nothing to do in work, so I was just chilling in my seat, waiting for another late autopsy; I was playing games on my cell phone, I also checked all those “dating apps” feew times… during one of this routine checks I found someone interesting, but my experience with users of this app led me to conclusion if is it even worth it, if is even worth it to try lead some open dialogue. I tried, but before that I promised myself that this will be for last time.

Surprisingly enough he was not only kind-looking, but he was kind even inside that dialogue. So we got even to deeper dialogue later that day. In some way it was clear that this person is somehow unique… what an surprising anomaly in environment full of idiots…

To be continued

Better times are coming!

As you may know, I struggled to find the right one for more than a year now; I was really down, first mentally and then even physically. During last year I began to be anxious about meeting new people… I’ve met feew amazing people, but most of them sooner, or later left.

I began new journey, journey with amazing goal. I couldn’t consider anything less, than finding real love as my goal. The damage taken from many by stabbing me to my back was too significant, so I was forced to change, change I was afraid of.